Roberto Cavalli Set To Write Autobiography

Roberto Cavalli is one of the world’s most well-known and respected designers in the game. His legacy is tremendous -- it’s only natural for one to wonder how he achieved such great success in his lifetime. Now, dedicated fans will be able to read about just how he became one of the fashion greats.

Roberto Cavalli has announced that he is set to launch his autobiography in October of this year. The designer has been working on his book for the past few years, documenting his life in candid detail.

"In a few months, you will know everything," Cavalli told UK Vogue. "I don't know why I decided to do it - I guess I had something to write. It doesn't really talk about fashion though, it talks about me and my life."

Currently, the 300-page memoir is planned to launch in Italian and German, while the project still searches for a British publisher to market a UK version. He should have no trouble accomplishing that.

"When I was young - well I am still a little boy - but when I was younger,  I was a little playboy from Florence," he recalled. "I used to take the hand of a woman, look into her eyes and tell her about her future. I bought a book about fortune-telling. I swear sometimes I was right - a woman speaks with her eyes."

I can’t wait to read this undoubtedly inspiring memoir.

Photo Credit; Getty Images