Rihanna Seems To Have Accidentally Worn A Corset Over Her Clothes

Pop singer Rihanna is so much more than just a performer: She's a powerful creative voice in the industry, a professional Drake friend-zoner and, of course, a fashion icon.

When RiRi launched her ANTi world tour, style lovers flipped over her lace-up bodysuits and oversize capes.

This week, however, Rihanna made a style move that's a little odd, even for her.

Usually, I'm behind her creative vision, but this seems like the equivalent of leaving the bathroom with your dress stuck in your underwear. (Which, by the way, is a real and semi-traumatic thing that happens to people.)

At Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary, the chameleon-like lady unveiled a new look during the songs “Love On The Brain” and "Consideration" — one that has me worried Rihanna's been listening to Kanye a little too much.

Over a large, black sweatshirt, Riri laced up a short corset and semi-attached thigh high stiletto boots.

Girl, I know you're ruling the fashion world, but aren't corsets supposed to sit underneath your clothes? Maybe I'm just not visionary enough.

If the style gives you sartorial deja vu, it's because Kanye wifey Kim Kardashian was recently photographed doing a very similar look. She's worn black leather and white-ribbed bustiers over t-shirts twice the side of her body.

While Kim's look was a little more “oops, I forgot to cover up my waist trainer" than Rihanna's, it helps that the pop star finished her ensemble with a sleek banged wig and hooped earrings. The final touches take her style from laundry-day to polished.

Rihanna's no stranger to corsets while onstage, either.

Previously, her much-documented “Love On The Brain” look was an oversized men's suit with a leather bustier underneath. If it has leather, studs or laces, Rihanna will seek it out and make it her own.

What do you think of Rihanna's waist trainer-chic look? Are corsets about to become overwear, instead of lingerie?