Remembering Lilly Pulitzer

Preppy girls everywhere mourn the loss of bright and bold preppy fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer, 81. The fashion designer passed away at her home in Florida just yesterday.

Lilly Pulitzer is truly an iconic and memorable woman. Although she was born as Lilly McKim into a wealthy family from Long Island, and married into the publishing family Pulitzer, socializing was not Lilly’s main priority.

She started out by hosting a juice stand. To avoid juice stains on her clothing, she began wearing brightly patterned simple shift dresses, which she had made, as a fashionable apron of sorts. Before long, customers were more curious in her designs, and the dresses began outselling the juice.

Her business took off when Jacqueline Kennedy was photographed wearing a Lilly creation in Life magazine. Her aesthetic has remained a staple amongst the preppy and conservative crowd, almost certainly due in fact to her colorful creations bringing so much life to an otherwise drab world.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images