Avoid Attacks In Style With This Blinged Out Pepper Spray

by Elite Daily Staff

We’re not sure if this idea is completely clever marketing or just entirely stupid. Introducing Blingsting, ordinary pepper spray dressed up in a rhinestone canister with a heart-shaped nozzle. The Blingsting’s creator, Andrea Atteberry (33) insists that she’s never had to use it, but always keeps it handy when leaving her apartment. (Just a word of advice, Andrea – can we call you Andy? – you probably shouldn’t tell people that you don’t actually use your own product.)

The Blingsting is exactly what you think it is – a can of pepper spray – but its allure comes from the cute, fancy case. Come on ladies, we’re supposed to want to buy it now! Because it’s not just protection from the creepy rapist next door - it’s an accessory, as trendy as this season’s new Celine bag even.

Andrea Atteberry, a graduate of Arizona State University (which would arguably explain why she’s carrying pepper spray in the first place…), wants to make Blingsting popular among college women.

“Especially when you’re in college, there are so many distractions, so you’re not thinking about safety as much as you should.” Yes. Exactly, Andrea. We’re so distracted by our homework and binge drinking that an ordinary case of pepper spray won’t do. We need to pay $25 for one that sparkles, instead, and we’ll feel much, much safer.

When New York Magazine asked Andrea, “What made you so committed to pepper spray? Are there any statistics on its effectiveness for self-protection?” her art of persuasion really shined through. “No, I haven’t been able to find anything like that,” Andrea replied. “The only studies I can find are statistics on sexual assault on college campuses.”

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. A product whose efficacy is already questionable, now disguised in a questionably expensive container, marketed by a questionably knowledgeable business woman. What’s next? A studded taser gun?

Via NY Mag, Photo courtesy: Blingsting