6 Mandatory Traits For Being A Strong, Successful Woman

by Jessica Devlin

By definition, success is the accomplishment of aim or purpose. To some, success is landing the job of their wildest dreams. To others, it is finally standing up to their misogynist male boss.

A successful woman is self-assured, knows her limits and is willing to push them. A successful woman knows her flaws but uses them to outwit the haters. She has goals to reach and asses to kick, if they get in her way. She is a force with which to be reckoned, but the queen in the deck that you want in your hand.

Here is what separates a successful woman from the basic b*tches of the world:

She takes risks.

She laughs in the face of danger. Taking a risk is second nature to a successful woman; after all, what is a reward without a bit of risk? I am not talking about watching an X-rated clip while private browsing on your work computer.

A successful woman will go where no other woman is willing to go, whether professionally or geographically.

She will ask for that well-deserved promotion without fear of decline. She will take a leave of absence to travel the world with the last bit of cash in her savings account because life is short.

Dipping her toes in the Red Sea is more important than writing another press release.

She says no.

She knows how to say no and does it unapologetically. A woman who says no and means it is honest. She won’t tell you yes to appease you, only to talk about you behind your back. She’s not Regina George.

She won’t lie when you ask her if she is okay if she is not. She will say no to another project or party because she will never bite off more than she can chew.

She dresses to kill.

If looks could kill, it would be a self-assured woman. She exudes confidence and dresses the part to a T. She is the girl who still wears a midi-skirt and pumps on Casual Friday.

She is the assistant other departments confuse for director because she dresses for the position she wants, not the one she has. Some may say she has a shopping addiction, but she says she is building her empire, starting with a full closet. Say it with me: “I woke up like this.” Ladies, tell ‘em.

She's a leader, not a follower.

You will never find a confident, successful woman following the crowd. She won’t become another face in a sea of winged-eyeliner. She stopped trying to fit in back in middle school, when she realized you could wear Tommy Hilfiger tennies and girls still wouldn’t hang out with you.

A successful woman won’t agree with her associates if she truly does not support the decision. She thinks and speaks for herself. She does not need a man to order her dinner because some people like veal and that is one risk she isn’t willing to take.

She admits when she's wrong.

Well-balanced, successful women can admit their wrongs. Owning up to their faults is no easy feat. It will be hard, and she may need a glass of chardonnay when she gets home, but she will do it and she will do so with a smile.

She will acknowledge her wrongs, apologize if necessary and move on like the strong woman she is. *drops the mic*

She knows what it means to forgive.

While some are reluctant to forgive, a successful woman knows she has more to gain through absolution than she does by holding a grudge.

A strong woman knows the only way to free herself from those who broke her heart or undermined her intelligence is to absolve. Forgiveness is the key to unlock her from the chains of resentment, so she will forgive your wrongdoings, but she won’t excuse them – don’t get it twisted.

A successful woman knows there is always a better version of her out there. She is willing to grow and to search for it – and she will. She has passion and drive.

She is a survivor and a boss. If she ever gets lost, she has a pack of successful women in her circle to remind her of herself. Ain’t nobody messin’ with her clique.

Photo Credit: Getty Images