Prabal Gurung To Design Airline Uniforms

Airline companies are really going for a new, updated and high fashion look, aren’t they? Earlier this month it was announced that the original punk rock princess Vivienne Westwood would be designing Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic uniforms and now, Prabal Gurung is set to follow in her footsteps.

According to WWD, Prabal Gurung has been tapped by Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) to create new uniforms for nearly 10,000 of the airline’s flight and ground staff members. Gurung is extremely pleased to be working on this project and has said that the new design will “pay homage to the history of the airline while incorporating a fresh and modern perspective.”

“I have been hugely inspired by this project, particularly incorporating my own personal passion for luxury and glamour with that created by ANA’s [crew] during the flight experience,” he said.

Airlines and fashion have been working closely together in recent times. Miranda Kerr recently the new uniform for Aussie airline Quantas back in April, followed by the aforementioned Vivienne Westwood sustainable uniform design for Virgin Atlantic. Banana Republic showed its Mad Men collaboration 35,000 feet in the air in February 2012 and Karl Lagerfeld staged Chanel’s spring 2012 haute couture show on a jumbo jet.

What is this newfound fascination with fashion and flight? Will more designers step up to help airline companies refresh their image?

Prabal Gurung’s designs have not yet been released, but are sure to be high fashion and fabulous.

Photo Credit: Getty Images