Why I Want A Best Friend Who Intimidates The F*ck Out Of Me

by Zara Barrie

There is absolutely nothing in the world I hold more sacred within the deepest chamber of my heart than I do a POWERFUL GIRL.

Since the earliest days of my childhood, I’ve been magnetically drawn to an army of insanely outspoken, wildly curious, beautifully bold and hyper-courageous GIRLS.

Girls profoundly unafraid to leave their mark on the world, girls who sport skyscraper-high ambitions and refuse to take sh*t from anyone, let alone the slew of acne-ridden teenage boys inclined to incessantly bully her due to a deep-rooted fear of girls with opinions (there’s always a fervent weakness behind any class of bully).

When I say I've forever had a hankering toward befriending the most powerful girl on the block, I’m not talking about the superficially powerful girl.

There is a distinct difference between a truly powerful girl and the girl who merely uses her epically high social status and the excessive flaunting of her father’s money as a means to intimidate and control the high school cafeteria.

In fact, I loathed that very girl with the same zeal in which I currently loathe girls who proclaim to hate other girls (what the f*ck is that about?).

For I was enticed by the girl who had the inner-confidence to challenge the corrupted posse of mean girls, who ruthlessly controlled the adolescent population with their caustic dictatorship.

Through my experience in befriending powerful girls at a young age, I learned the real deal would never succumb to subjecting abuse or negative judgments on vulnerable people (or animals for that matter).

A real powerful girl's intimidation lies not in her twisted teasing techniques, but in her high moral compass, expressive personal style and stellar, unstoppable talent.

It’s been almost a decade since the culmination of high school, and I must confess my taste in women hasn’t changed in the slightest.

I still actively recruit powerful girls who scare the sh*t out of me to be my best friends. I could oh so easily find non-opinionated, ever-complimenting, sweet little things to serve as my BFF’s — but that wouldn't be any fun now, would it?

While the mega success, relentless individuality and tenacious opinions of my nearest and dearest may serve me with a stealth handful of intimidation, I simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

Surrounding myself with powerful girls has played a pivotally important role in the unfolding of who I am.

So what makes this phenomenal force of girl-nature to be the best friend a person could ever ask for?

She doesn't take the easy way out

One of the many reasons a powerful girl reached her powerful point of existence is because she refuses to settle for a partner, a career, a city or an even a hookup that was less than what she deserves.

My girlfriends taught me the incredible power in not only knowing, but owning my worth.

The most beautiful part of having a friend who attains such high standards is it forces you to hold up a mirror to your own life and ask yourself the brutal, burning question: Am I taking the easy way out?

She’s the boss (even if it's just in her own life)

A powerful girl is the quintessential BOSS, gracefully adorned with an effortless authority and a boundless entrepreneurial spirit to boot.

She’s the CEO, the creative director, the girl-in-charge who answers to absolutely no one but her dear self.

She’s the girl at work who can get the most physically threatening, egomaniacal, sexist bully of a boy shaking in his suede loafers with the brilliant cut of her words.

She’s the consummate showrunner, and if she isn't the executive chief in her job (yet) — you can bet a pretty, precious penny she's the sole head honcho of her own life. I dare you to tell her how to dress, talk or THINK about anything.

This is a highly valuable, esteemed trait in which to seek in a girlfriend. This girl boss will always provide you with priceless advice on your new business venture, bestow her professional insight when you're beefing up the ole’ résumé and connect you with other powerful girls of the workforce who live to empower the next generation of powerful girls in the workforce (you).

She protects her friends ferociously

In the opposite fashion of classic mean girls and those who lack backbones, a POWERFUL girl is hyperprotective of her girlfriends, and her love runs deeper than the Congo River.

A powerful girl is an unflinching proponent of JUSTICE and refuses to bear witness to anyone vicious (or dumb) enough to try and take down one of her own.

If someone utters but a single negative word regarding a powerful girl’s friend, he or she will experience the wrath of the great goddess herself.

She’s akin to the wildly regal lioness and won’t hesitate to claw the useless eyes out of ANYONE who strikes harm on her young. Cheating partners, consider yourself officially warned.

It's important to note the following: If you find yourself even remotely intimidated by your best friend, imagine how astronomically terrified the outside world is of her?

You will find having but just one powerful girl in your life will help to stave off bullies, cheaters, liars and those irritating droves of ravenously bloodsucking leeches.

She’s not threatened by your success

Often, insecure girls will commit the unsisterly crime of being mega threatened by all and any of the successes that grace your life.

I think one of the most disheartening things a girl can do is throw shade toward another girl for gaining something wonderful: a new love, a promotion, a sick new haircut, a heap of unexpected money — whatever.

It feels like sh*t, when you see your "friends" start flexing their negative jealousy muscles mere moments after your hard-earned achievement.

A powerful girl will be your biggest, most genuine fan. She loves to watch you thrive.

A powerful girl knows us girls are a united force in the world, and a win for one of us is a win for all of us. She’s inspired by your success and might have even helped you to acquire it.

She's not afraid to call you on your sh*t

Part of playing for the power team is being an irrepressibly outspoken personality with an inherent trust in the weight of your voice.

A powerful girl won't feed you the artificially sweetened, toxic treats you might crave in a moment of weakness.

As metallically bitter as it may taste at first, these are the girls who will provide you with the golden strands of genuine truth – and it's the truth that will turn your life around.

A powerful girl is strong enough to pick you up when you're a heap on the floor after your life has become consumed with toxicities.

She's the friend who refuses to allow you to lie to yourself about your happiness, your relationship or your career.

She's strong enough to fight for you

A powerful girl is the girl who will fight for you, simply because she believes in you.

Having powerful girls enter my world, who believe in my inner power, has been the ultimate game-changer of my life. For it has turned me into the powerful girl.