She Posted An Image To Say She Wasn't Pretty, But The People Of The Internet Disagreed

When one woman loaded a photo onto Imgur, she never expected such a positive response.

User Kamuri posted a picture of herself and her new husband on the site, with the caption:

I know I'm not a pretty girl but I've never been so happy in my life.

And instead of recycling that negativity, anonymous posters did something that no-named repliers typically aren't known to do: they said nice things.

In the hundreds of comments Kamuri has received on the photo, people are supportive and encouraging. But perhaps most importantly, they tell her that she is beautiful, that others think she's pretty — like the guy who clearly adores her in that image.

As a "wedding gift," Imgur users even posted so many positive comments that the photo of Kamuri and her husband looking totally content with one another was actually moved to the frontpage of the photo-sharing site.

In response to the outpouring messages, Kamuri expressed her gratitude to the people who treated her so kindly:

Frontpage?! You guys are amazing! Thank you all so much for your kind words and the congratulations. My Husband and I are stunned. That's why I love to be an imgurian girl.

It's so nice to see the Internet be uplifting for a change.


H/T: Sunny Skyz, Photos Courtesy: Imgur