This Plus-Size Retailer Compliments Customers On How They Look When They Try On Clothes

The dressing room can be a cruel, intimidating place. Unflattering lighting and weirdly-angled mirrors easily make you feel completely insecure in whatever you're wearing.

A UK plus-size retailer called Yours Clothing is introducing interactive mirrors in dressing rooms that give customers compliments while they check themselves out in their new outfits.

The pre-recorded messages will be available only if you want to hear them for a little spirit lifting. Otherwise, you can just shop in peace.

Yours Clothing specializes in plus-size, UK sizes 14 to 32. The store is inviting plus-size model Fiona Falkiner to the interactive mirror launch to offer some unique styling tips.

Resh Dorka, Sales and Marketing Director at Yours Clothing, is excited to be giving  customers a "unique shopping experience."

There's no information on what these compliments will actually say or if they'll be gender-specific, considering it would probably be weird for a guy to hear "You look hot, girl!" while trying on a sweater. Something about a robotic compliment feels a bit disingenuous, though.

What if my outfit really does look bad? Just tell me. I can handle it.

H/T: Racked, Photo Courtesy: Yours Clothing