A Pinterest For Men

I frequently write about Pinterest and how it’s my one stop shop for inspiration. Some of the topics highlighted on Pinterest are that of fashion, beauty, home décor, recipes, etc., so it’s no surprise that the majority of Pinterest users are female. 83 percent, to be exact.

But why should guys be left out? I’m sure guys peruse the internet for their interests just as much as women do, and because of that, I’m just as positive that men bookmark their interests just as much as women do.

Finally, another website has popped up to not leave these guys left out. The site is called, and it’s currently gaining some major momentum. The site is similar to Pinterest in the sense that they have pins and boards. Well, sort of. The ‘pins’ are called ‘nails’ and the ‘boards’ are called ‘workbenches.’

How manly. The site is billed as hosting “Interesting. Man. Things.” and it really is the counterpart of the female-rich Pinterest. Would you be interested in checking this site out as a means of learning more about what your guy is into to? This could help women just as much as it helps men…

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images