Kim K Swears By This Hack That's Basically The 'Lip Kit' For Your Hairline


If you're a hairy girl like me, you know a thing or two about bad hairlines. They rarely do what you want them to. Mine, for example, looks like someone took a lawnmower to the center of my head and slathered some Rogaine on the sides. Also, sideburns? They're REAL.

I've also always wondered how the best-tressed can make their hairlines look like they don't belong in an Elizabethan portrait. How are they so perfect and sleek?

Evidently, they weren't born that way. Rather, it's all the work of a few simple beauty hacks.

For a super prim hairline, celebrity beauty maven Suzie Kim advised E! News to pull a strand of hair from around the base of your neck and wrap it around your hairline. She then suggests securing it with a bit of gel or French braid it if your hair is too short to wrap around your whole head. Because your hair needs to be tight for the crisp look to function, pull it back into a Kim Kardashian-esque ponytail.

Kim told E! News the solid hairline look "makes your hair look fuller." She also said, "It brings more attention to your features. Like how brows frame the eyes, this frames and shapes your face."

If you have highlighted hair, the look won't quite work on you (sorry). Instead, try working with a hair powder or root cover up to create the illusion of a more even hairline. I personally dig Rita Hazan Root Concealer because it comes as a spray and covers up any stray grays like a gem.

The last method is definitely not for commitment-phobes: laser hair removal. If you're the owner of a Forbidden Forest of a hairline, consider taking a more permanent route to create a more even (or uneven, you do you) line. Just be sure you're ready for a long process because the procedure can take five or six sessions to fully work, and the price tag isn't something to laugh at. Plus, didn't Kim say she regrets getting her hair lasered off?

I think you're better off with a bit of shadow around your hair, TBH.