People Are Camping Out 3 Days Before Balmain x H&M Hits The Racks

Balmain's highly-anticipated H&M collection hits stores later this week, and people are already lining up to snag the limited-edition goodies.

A handful of shoppers in Singapore have been camping out in front of the fast-fashion chain, some since Monday — a full 60 hours before the line's scheduled release.

According to Channel News Asia, many are waiting in 'shifts,' swapping spots with friends periodically to eat, recharge their batteries, and answer nature's (probably desperate) call.

The fashion frenzy will begin at 8:00 am Thursday, when H&M officially opens its door to hell.

In preparation for the stiletto stampede, shoppers will enter in groups of 30, with each given just 10 - 15 minutes to grab their gear and leave. In addition, the store is implementing a strict one-purchase-per-style limit (no buying three of the same product), to allow equal access to all shoppers and to keep people from re-selling online.

As of last night, there were only nine people in line at the Singapore shop, but that number is expected to grow exponentially. Over 600 people lined up last year for H&M x Alexander Wang, and the Balmain collab has received just as much hype (if not more).

Store hours, product availability, and shopping instructions may vary by location, so call your nearest H&M or head to the H&M x Balmain site to draft up your game plan in advance.

And remember, folks, it's called the Balmain Army for a reason  —  never underestimate the power of a woman on a mission.

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