Party Girls Don't Get Hurt Because They Are Already Hurt

by Zara Barrie

We’ve all blissfully rocked out to Sia, wailing the words “party girls can’t get hurt” in the chill-inducing, hyper-powerful, wildly epic anthem “Chandelier” – but rarely do we ask the question: Why can’t a party girl get hurt? What exactly is it about the party girl that makes her so undeniably indestructible? What makes her so resilient in the face of adversity?

After all, champagne glasses ever-so-easily break, and sequins are nothing more than fragile fashion adornments.

Surely there is a fiercer ingredient to her protective outer shield than an endless flow of booze and a sparkling stream of glitter.

The truth of the matter is, a party girl can't get hurt because she's already been hurt.

You can’t break that which is already broken.

One of the most beautiful parts of a girl who bares the visible scars from a loaded history is her ability to sift through life with an extraordinarily rare, attractive confidence.

She knows she can survive anything.

She has learned the most superior, vitally important life lesson of all life lessons: She's not the fragile creature the world would like her (and all girls) to think she is.

A party girl is acutely aware of her own unyielding strength, and that's a dangerously fabulous quality for a girl to have.

A party girl sports a very specific span of life experience that’s exclusive only to girls who engaged in the art of partying at a young and tender age.

A party girl has seen and done and heard things that most people will only ever read about in books.

Grant me the opportunity to disclaim: I’m not advising that one should recklessly go out and wildly party in an attempt to becoming an indestructible force of girl nature.

That's miles away from the crux of the truth.

In fact, most party girls are the vehement protectors of the innocent and wouldn't dare recommend anyone risk losing themselves in the toxic smoke of the party.

Party girls know the very real dangers ever-present in even the prettiest of parties.

The girls who have survived the mayhem of the raucous soiree are made from some other sh*t.

There is a strength inherent in girls who have endured a sordid past and came out alive. Girls who looked and acted eons older than their tender age and found themselves doing grown-up things at grown-up parties as teenagers.

Girls who have danced on table tops with the seductive darkness of deceit. Girls who have felt the aching sadness of the sun pressing warmly against their bare skin before hopping into the loneliest of taxi rides at 7 am.

The rare breed of party girl who didn't allow the harrowing tribulations of a party to kill her but make her strong.

Regardless of how life might attempt to swoop in and knock a party girl off her sky-high heels, it's not so easy of a feat.

She's been steady on unsteady shoes for a long time. She has outlived the unlivable, and look – she’s still here.

A party girl can't get hurt because not only has she been hurt, she's survived AND thrived from the shards of pain bestowed upon her.

She is the fiercest animal in the kingdom because:

She Doesn’t Need Approval; She Never Had It Anyway

Try as you may, but it's simply not possible to tear down the likes of a party girl by simply shoving your relentless disapproval toward her chosen lifestyle down her precious throat.

She's confident in her choices and doesn't need her existence validated with a societal check mark of approval.

Herein lies a fantastic truth about the party girl: She never had approval from the masses to begin with, so she most definitely doesn't need it now.

She was looked down upon by a slew of authority figures from an extremely young age and never grew up cradled in the soft silken arms of motherly reassurance.

The only reassurance she has learned to rely on is her very own.

When you need to hear the sweet, twinkling voices of others to deem your life choices correct (whatever the f*ck "correct" means), you will never attain real confidence, only superficial confidence.

A party girl answers her own questions, making her an impressively self-reliant and self-assured woman.

While being under perpetual judgment from her tender teenage years was, at times, brutally lonely and painfully isolating, it's part of what makes her an indestructibly STRONG adult.

She doesn't rely on the acceptance of the masses because she never had it.

She Knows That What Comes Up Must Also Come Down

A party girl understands life is colored rich with epically soaring highs and also marred with the scars of devastating, rock-bottom lows.

A party girl has experienced the exhilarating high of flying through the peaks of a party, but also knows what it feels like to be left shipwrecked, attempting to pick up the broken parts of herself from the hard tile floor.

Nothing alive is exempt from the laws of gravity, not even a seemingly bionic party girl. What comes up must come down.

Party girls understand there is nothing in this ever-spinning, painfully beautiful life that comes free of a price tag; to feel love is to feel heartbreak.

Success comes with sweeping sacrifices. Happiness can't be experienced without the cut of sadness.

She understands there is a great balance to the universe, and unlike other girls, she refuses to allow the darkness to burn out her light.

She Listens To The Wise Woman Within Herself

Girls of all ages, shapes and sizes all over the globe have one thing in common: There is a wise woman residing inside of all us who fiercely, 24/7 is on perpetual watch for our safety.

She is that voice we hear in our heads warning us NOT to trust the boy, take the pill or dare get into that damn car, girl.

She is our inner guardian angel, and all girls are blessed with one.

A party girl's eyes have borne witness to devastating consequences of what happens when you neglect to listen to the powerful voice of your gut.

She has seen far too many partners-in-party find themselves in heaps of irreparable trouble by ignoring the intelligent force known as “instinct.”

A party girl doesn't question the wisdom of her inner angel. She knows what happens when you do.

She Doesn't Take Anything At Face Value

A party girl knows that the prettiest of faces can have the ugliest of intentions. This is a supersize pill, difficult for the average person swallow.

I mean how could something so outwardly beautiful be so inwardly beastlike? How can such a gleaming smile, holding court to such perfectly white teeth, be filled with the horrors of decay?

A party girl is disillusioned by the illusion of it all.

A party, in of itself, is nothing but a mere mirage. It's a gorgeously decorated facade.

It's not real, and if you dig beneath the ever-glamorous, plush, red velvet ropes and dutifully exfoliated faces – you’ll find a painful reality that exists so heavily, partiers will do almost anything to escape.

A party girl owns the most coveted, valuable gift of all; the ability to tell what is real and what is fake, so she can be never broken by a seductive pull of a designer label and or a flawlessly wrapped promise.

Her present is one that needs no shiny, silver gift wrapping. She knows the truth is rich with a different kind of beauty, one that's ever harder to point out in a lineup but is real and everlasting.