Why The Transition From Party Girl To Working Woman Is Exciting

by Anonymous

You ruled the campus scene, and now it’s time to rule the world.

Graduating from college is a huge leap, and it launches you right into adulthood.

Whether you’ve got a job lined up or not, the reality is you need to clean up your act.

Most women worry about losing the fun and freedom their undergrad years granted them, but there are actually tons of reasons to look forward to putting your wild side to rest (at least on the weekdays). Here's why:

You'll have more "real dates" than disastrous hookups.

Alright, you may still find yourself waking up in someone else’s bed, holding in a sh*t, wondering why you and Sleeping Beauty decided to take LMFAO’s “Shots” to a whole new extreme the night before.

Your one-night stand will leave before noon, possibly with no more than a goodbye or suggestion you two grab breakfast.

The “real world” doesn’t exactly promise fairy tale romance any more than college does.

However, it beats being limited to the same rotation of familiar faces at the same random house parties and getting your freak on in the same cramped dormitories.

Screw that. You'll be mingling with new prospects and nurturing a mutual attraction without worrying if you share mutual friends on Facebook.

Plus, you might even grab the attention (and digits) of someone really cool who will actually be specific in suggesting plans (without using the f*cking phrase, "We should chill").

Who knows? You may end up exclusively seeing such a person, choose to remain single and unattached or decide to continue discovering what "dating" is all about.

No matter who you meet or what you do, it'll sure as hell exceed getting a tongue rammed down your throat in a sweat-scented basement.

You'll spend more time making money than spending it.

Yes, bills are daunting, and depending on your rate of income, you won't start off swimming in cash per se (unless you’re really f*cking lucky).

But, most full-time gigs offer salary pay and benefits, and part-time shifts force you to seriously consider your expenses (ordering takeout today vs. going to brunch with friends tomorrow).

While the process of making cash doesn’t seem the most ideal (Like seriously, technology is so advanced, why can’t you just download this month’s rent?), it’s way better than scrambling for it.

It pays to be productive, and if anything, it’ll teach you to appreciate the value of a dollar (aka not blowing all your dough on garlic knots because your drunk ass caved into the 3 am munchies).

You’ll have deadlines as opposed to due dates, and they won’t scare you. They’ll motivate you.

Remember the joys of having to push through a weekend of massive hangovers and still finish a pile of assignments before Monday?

If you do, wipe those tears, take a deep breath and rejoice. Those days are long gone.

Instead, your daily agenda will be filled with tackling various tasks and projects, and they won’t suck! (Well, they might, but not as much as the last four years of GPA boosters and killers.)

There will be no more waiting until the last minute to get work done since you’ll be kicking ass every minute of your workday.

And, after a successful week, you can damn well celebrate with a drink or two (or seven, if it was particularly rough).

You can still day drink and go out in moderation.

With great potential comes great responsibility. If you’re actively pursuing a career, you’ll want to stay on your A game no matter what.

That means you can't participate in every $2 Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, F*cked Up Friday or Sloppy Saturday.

Yes, it's a total buzzkill. But whatever, excessive drinking seriously kills your wallet, and — if you’ve gotten super f*cked up — your will to live.

You think you’re going to miss blacking out, waking up to the sound of your stomach (and possibly assh*le) screaming at you? Of course not.

Growing up comes at a cost, but it’s nowhere near as costly — to your bank account or health — as your old bad habits. Embrace the change in your alcohol intake.

Besides, you’re meant for far greater achievements than conducting the Hot Mess Express.

You’ll have an excuse to shop for clothes that reflect your newfound sense of self.

Throughout various semesters, you’ve experimented with outfits that ranged from "Trying Really Hard" to "IDC If I Look (And Smell) Like Sh*t."

But, as you’ve grown, so has your taste in clothing. That’s not to say you’ll ditch the cute miniskirts or comfy garments forever, but a closet cleanse is necessary.

You’re officially entering the so-called “real world,” so why not do it in style?

From quirky jewelry that reflect your creative side to cool blazers that make you look oh-so-business and oh-so-badass, now you can purchase pieces that embody all that you are.

Thanks to a revamped wardrobe, you’ll look — and feel — ready to take on anything and everything.

You’ll branch out of your social circle and your comfort zone.

You’re used to moving with ease through any crowd because it’s easy to become BFFs with, well, nearly anyone, if you’re tipsy enough.

While you’re bound to rack up additional bar-hopping buddies in the years to come, you’ll form and strengthen genuine friendships in other venues as well.

Think employee happy hours, low-key apartment hangouts with roommates and impromptu dinners with a friend’s family.

It may take time to develop strong ties with complete strangers, but you’ll discover your charm will leave a lasting impression no matter what.

Get ready to reap the good times and good conversations (that you’ll actually remember).

You’ll be defined by what you do, not by what you’ve done.

We all make mistakes that are often hard to live with and even harder to forgive ourselves for, especially if they happened under the influence.

Drunk tales are entertaining, but they also threaten to haunt you for the rest of your life.

Nevertheless, moving on is a matter of moving forward, and as you embark on conquering your 20s, you’ll learn life is nothing more than a series of restarts.

Think of it this way: Essentially, you’re in a vehicle that holds a sh*t ton of baggage, but it won't keep you from going places.

As time goes on, you’ll be able to travel with less concern about the past and a greater focus on the present.

There are no limits to where you’ll go, what you’ll do and just how great you'll be.

And, if you can continue to take straight shots without using a chaser or hold your keg-stand record, more power to you.