Ugly Holiday Sweater Nails Are A Thing, And They're Really Easy To Do

Ugly sweaters haven't always been a thing. According to the "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book," it wasn't until 2001 that the trend sparked.

It's no surprise Millennials have taken full advantage of the holiday trend.

This year, you don't have to pair your ugly sweater with a hat or a scarf. Instead, you can pair it with your nails.

Your outfit will never be uglier.

Christmas lights to brighten the party.

Celine Rahman

Step 1: Paint on your chunky glitter in an "S" shape.

Step 2: Using a green nail pen, draw an "S" complete your Christmas lights.

A reindeer to guide the way to the dessert table.

Celine Rahman

Step 1: With a bronze nail pen, start by drawing the base of your deer head and its antlers.

Step 2: Outline the lower body of your deer.

Step 3: Complete your deer by filling in the remainder of the body.

Detailed snowflakes to keep it festive.

Celine Rahman

Step 1: With a white nail pen, draw an X with a line down the middle using a white nail pen to create your snowflake base.

Step 2: Add a horizontal line to the center of your X.

Step 3: Draw two "V" shapes at the end of each line (but only draw a single "V" shape for the horizontal line) to complete your snowflake.

A Christmas tree to top it all off.

Celine Rahman

Step 1: With a forest green nail pen, draw four ascending triangles. Making them bigger as you reach the bottom.

Step 2: Add yellow, blue and red dots to your tree to simulate flashing lights.