Oscar de la Renta x Paperless Post

You can spot a girly-girl from a mile away. Not only are her outfits perfectly put together, and her makeup seamlessly applied, but other aspects of her life ooze feminity. The way her room is decorated, the style of her flowing handwriting, and the simplest of accents are also ultra-feminine.

I’m talking about the girl who has her own personalized stationary. I know, in this day and age it seems as if those girls no longer exist, but I can assure you that they are out there. Don’t lie: sending someone a personalized, handwritten note on an elegant piece of stationary does seem nice.

Enter: Oscar de la Renta. The king of understanding females and elegance, the fashion designer has just collaborated with the stationary company Paperless Post to create a line just for this type of female.

Paperless Post is best known for their well-designed internet invitations (hence the name paperless), but they’ve decided to take an old fashioned route. The company is obviously popular, as over a million e-vites go out every week via Paperless Post.

This statistic is probably the reason why the company felt confident moving forward with their new venture. That, and it sure doesn’t hurt to collaborate with one of the world’s most well known fashion houses.

Paperless Post is the exclusive producer of Oscar de la Renta’s new stationary line, which is directly inspired by prints and fabrics from the designer’s recent spring, ready-to-wear, resort, pre-fall and bridal collections.

E-cards start at $.25 per invitation and paper cards range from $1 to $1.58 per card. Check out the full collection and make orders over at

Photo Credit: Getty Images