This 'OITNB' Star Just Laid Out The Truth About Success And Body Image

Jerritt Clark

When it comes to success, we only see the tip of the iceberg and never the massive amount of work that went into it. "Orange Is The New Black" star Dascha Polanco knows this all too well.

You probably didn't know this about Polanco, who plays Daya on "OITNB," but before becoming a Netflix star, she put herself through college to get a degree while simultaneously raising her daughter.

Polanco got a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Hunter College as she worked multiple jobs to cover the cost as well as take care of her daughter. She worked nights, sometimes taking her daughter with her to work.

Polanco also struggled with body image as she was body-shamed by friends and family. She didn't let the struggle to balance everything or being bullied by those close to her stop her from achieving big things, though.

On her journey, she learned the truth about success. She shared her story recently at the 4th Annual "PowHERful" Summit in New York City, where she was the keynote speaker. In her speech, she said,

All my struggles have made me who I am and have proven to me that focus, drive and ambition can get you anywhere in life. You are your only competition. Forget those you see on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat – you are your own star.

That's incredibly inspiring advice. It's also such an important reminder in a day and age where we're constantly surrounded by updates on social media from people who seem to have it better than us in certain areas of life.

You are your own star.

Polanco is right, the keys to finding success no matter what are drive, ambition and focus. Comparing yourself to what you see on the surface of others' lives won't get you anywhere.