This Ode To Periods Reminds Women Of The Amazing Things Their Bodies Can Achieve (Video)

by Katie Gonzalez

Women are certainly ones to complain about that time of the month.

But comments to one another about cramps and the annoyance of forgetting to bring tampons to work are never as bad as when men — those lucky enough never to have to suffer a PMS cycle — complain about our periods.

From questioning a woman's hormones to questioning her judgment, some men think it's totally permissible to add their opinion.

But author and slam poet Dominque Christina distinctly disagrees. After seeing a male Twitter user who made period-shaming comments online, she wrote this slam poetry piece as a letter to her own daughter, confronting all the "dummies" who don't know the power each period possesses.

In this inspirational and impassioned piece, Christina encourages women to understand and appreciate the amazing things the female body can do.

Consider us slightly scolded; we're never going to complain about that time of the month again.

H/T: Huffington Post