43 Reasons He's Not Playing Hard To Get, He's Just Playing You

Dating, hooking up and relationships are all awkward, interesting, fun and confusing times in any person's life. Why? Because the mind games that take place are absolutely ridiculous to the point that, honestly, no one can keep up.

The fact that people believe they can't be straightforward and must engage in these behaviors is enough to drive any sane person completely insane.

Saying things we don't mean just to give off the impression of not being interested just to make the other person more interested is the most twisted way we've learned to communicate in this day and age.

It's because of these games and skewed logic we never really know if someone is being sincere or facetious. So when someone acts one way, it's more than common to think they have ulterior motives.

But sometimes people actually are sincere in their motives, which just makes things more confusing. Rarely will you find two people on the exact same track.

So for all of you ladies who are basking in confusion like the rest of the population, it's time to clear a few things up...

1. He's not playing texting games, he just doesn't want a relationship.

2. He's not wifing you up because he already has a wife.

3. He's not calling you, he's calling someone else.

4. He says he doesn't believe in Valentine's Day, but he's spending it with his girlfriend.

5. He's not inviting you to his birthday because he's already gotten what he wanted.

6. He's not meeting your friends because you're not even his friend.

7. He only texts you when he's drunk because he doesn't like you when he's sober.

8. He doesn't talk about you because he doesn't think of you.

9. He doesn't want to know you more because he already knows enough.

10. He doesn't introduce you to his parents because they don't know you exist.

11. He doesn't let you finish because he's actually Kanye.

12. He doesn't pick up the tab because he isn't trying to pick you up.

13. He lets you pay for your meal because he can't afford to take two women out.

14. He doesn't let you finish because he doesn't want to start it.

15. He's not asking you questions because he doesn't give a f*ck about the answers.

16. He doesn't go down on you because he's not down for you.

17. He only has you over at his place because he doesn't even know where you live.

18. He doesn't take you out because he only wants to be inside you.

19. He isn't worried about you because he's too busy being worried about himself.

20. He's not letting you sleeping over because he's already satisfied.

21. He's not asking you for anything because you've already given him everything he wants.

22. He's not trying to impress you because he's just thinking about the fastest way to undress you.

23. He's not doing nice things because he knows you'll do him anyway.

24. He's not talking to you during the day because he only wants you at night.

25. He's not asking you what you want because he's only concerned with what he needs.

26. He's not calling it a date because he's not planning on calling you after.

27. He's not traveling for work or out of town, you're just his last priority.

28. He's never going to be Mr. Right because he's more concerned with swiping right.

29. He's not asking about you because he's only thinking about himself.

30. He's not trying to be yours because he's just trying to get his.

31. He's not playing games, he's just playing you.

32. He isn't talking about his feelings because he just isn't feeling you.

33. He's not going to just text you later, he's not planning on texting you at all.

34. He's not waiting to make a grand gesture, he's just waiting for you to stop trying.

35. He's not coming to your place, because you've already made it clear you'll always travel to his.

36. He's not taking you out on real dates, because he doesn't consider the two of you dating.

37. He's not adding you on social media, because he's keeping you in the dark.

38. He's not making excuses, he genuinely doesn't want to hang out with you.

39. He's not too busy, he's just too busy for you.

40. He's not calling you back, he's talking behind yours.

41. He's not waiting to text because he's waiting for someone better.

42. He's not missing your calls, he's missing someone else.

43. He's not playing hard to get, he's just playing you.

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