Night Owls: Women Who Don't Sleep Regularly Have Fewer Relationships And More Sex

This new study gives an entirely new meaning to "women of the night" — apparently the ladies who like to stay up late are more likely to get laid.

The University of Chicago-sponsored study indicates that the women who consider themselves night-owls have similar risk-taking behaviors to their male counterparts. Both men and women who prefer to stay up late are also believed to have more sex, but fewer serious relationships.

Researchers are pinning this trend on the levels of the hormone cortisol in night-owl women. Although men usually have more cortisol and testosterone than women in general, females who are awake late at night more often have the same amount of cortisol as guys.

High levels of cortisol are typically believed to lead to lots of energy, arousal and stress, which all seem like great reasons these women are more likely to be getting it on.

An added plus? Other research has indicated that higher cortisol levels leads to greater success in various aspects of life. So maybe all that sex these people are having late into the night is paying off, professionally speaking.

via Time, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It