These New Glittery Lip Kits May Give Kylie Jenner Some Serious Competition

Since day one, my lipstick-fanatic-self has been a straight up matte girl.

All day, every day… I matte it the heck up.

So naturally, I'm a major fan of Kylie Jenner's super seductive lip kits. The phrase “matte liquid lipstick” is honestly sweet music to my ears.

Life without it would be seriously dull.

Come on, just look at these babies and tell me you're not hooked within the first glance?!

Kylie Jenner girl, you have MAD cosmetics skills.

The lipstick addict I am, I've already been scouting out the hottest shades taking on the fall 2016 makeup scene.

When I stumbled upon this gem in the news this afternoon, I totally freaked the heck out.

ELLE reports Pat McGrath Labs plans to debut a hot new collection just in time for fall, called Lust 004.

Prepare to completely flip because these sexy lip kits are straight FIRE… And super glittery.

Oh SNAP. Let's break it down by kits, shall we?

Each of the three lip kits — Version Bloodwine, Version Flesh and Version Vermillion Venom — is accompanied by vinyl gloss, two matte lipsticks, microfine glitter and metallic gold pigment.

Glittery lips like these will certainly stop anyone in their tracks.

These lip kits look absolutely magical.

I love my girl Kylie Jenner, BUT I'm totally not opposed to adding some more lipsticks to my collection. The more the merrier, right?

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