This Condom Company Is Looking To Put An End To Rape Culture With Its Pro-Consent Messages (Photos)

In an attempt to incorporate consent into the hook-up culture, one organization has partnered with a custom condom company to produce a line of condoms that includes important messages against rape and sexual assault.

The condoms, which were created to "promote the usage of proper language when engaging in any intimate activity," include messages such as "My dress does not mean yes" and "Drinking is not a crime rape is."

The idea for consent-promoting condoms came from FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, an organization with a long history of utilizing somewhat flashy and very public tactics to highlight how rape culture still exists in our society.

Together with condom packaging company Say It With A Condom, they've created five different condom designs for sale.

The condoms cost $3.95 each, with 25 percent of the profits being donated back to FORCE.

Co-director of FORCE Rebecca Nagle said that these condoms will help men and women alike widen the conversation about what constitutes consent.

"Today, communication needs to be promoted among sexually active people in response to the epidemic of rape, assault and sexual violence in order to prevent unwanted sexual experiences. Just like pausing to put on a condom prevents STIs, pausing to check in with your partner prevents unwanted sexual experiences."

These condoms will hopefully encourage sexual partners to check in and confirm consent at every step of the experience, according to Nagle.

H/T: Think Progress, Photos Courtesy: Say It With A Condom