Mother Undergoes Head Cooling Procedures To Keep Her Hair While Going Through Chemo

In an effort to feel normal while under chemotherapy, mother Shelley Cain endured head freezing sessions to prevent her hair from falling out during treatment.

The 38-year-old mom's daughter, Ruby, begged her not to lose her hair, so Cain completed a cold cap treatment, a painful procedure that cools one's head to 25 degrees Fahrenheit in order to stop the cancer-killing chemicals from making hair fall out.

She didn't want her children to be "frightened" by her appearance:

I didn't want it to look to my children like I was dying. I screamed for the cancer nurse to remove the cap when she first put it on as it was unbearably cold and painful. But I was so determined to stay looking well for her kids, it got me through the pain.

Cain went through three-hour sessions of head freezing, even though doctors admitted that its success was not guaranteed.

But it worked, and Cain kept her eyebrows and hair throughout treatment. She says it's what kept her "spirits up."

It wasn't easy, but I think it was psycho systematic. If I looked in the mirror and recognised myself then I didn't feel like a cancer patient, it helped me beat the cancer. More importantly, it meant the children could recognise the mummy they loved -- which took away a lot of their fear.

H/T: Mirror, Photo Courtesy: Facebook