Under Armour Does An Amazing Job Inspiring Women To Overcome Adversity (Video)


There are many times in life when we're told we're not good enough, or strong enough or the "right fit." After hearing they don't "have what it takes," most people will accept this as an unchangeable reality and give up on their dreams.

But others, who possess the utmost determination and passion, take this as one person's opinion and use it as fuel to keep pushing toward their goals.

In this inspiring video sponsored by Under Armour, Misty Copeland, the premiere American ballet dancer, beautifully dances on screen as a young girl reads a rejection letter.

According to Adweek, founder and creative director of Droga5, the company behind the campaign, David Droga explained that the letter is not a direct copy of one Copeland received, but every line is an actual criticism thrown at her during her rise to success.

The juxtaposition of Copeland's on point (literally) footwork and the harsh words of the letter ("you have the wrong body for ballet") come together to create a remarkably powerful commercial, deeply enhanced by the fact that none of it is fiction.

Droga emphasized,

[The campaign] wasn't creative license to create fake hurdles.

The ad is the first of many female empowerment marketing tactics for Under Armour, which is updating its brand to move away from its traditional masculine image.

The ad was released in conjunction with Under Armour's new platform, I Will What I Want, which "celebrates the will to find inner strength and to follow no one."

Certainly the only thing Misty is following is the music.