Ridiculous Ad Claims That If You Don't Shave Your Legs, You'll Turn Into A Dude (Video)


According to a new ad released by Veet, if you skip one day of leg shaving, you will turn into a man... Well I haven't shaved my legs since Friday and I still have boobs, so that would imply I'm still a girl, right?

I get it; this 32-second ad is supposed to be hilarious, but too bad it fell flat. What girl has the time to shave her legs every day? No, seriously, tell me... I'd love to hear about your time-management skills.

The ad shows a man in bed with a woman who is assumed to be his girlfriend. Upon waking up, he reaches for her leg that has become wrapped around him mid-sleep. As soon as he touches her "prickly" legs, he shoots up and realizes that she has turned into... a man.

First off, I'm pretty sure most boyfriends are all too familiar with their girlfriends' leg stubble, but is that making them run for the hills? I think not. Check the video out and decide for yourself if you think it's funny or not.

H/T: Total Sorority Move