Preteens Remake Iconic Photographs Of Kate Moss, Cara And Twiggy


Here's some marketing advice for brands on a budget: If you're strapped for cash, skip the supermodel in favor of the next generation of talent.

Withings' Activité Pop smartwatches got a little trendier, thanks to three preteen models who are best known as miniature versions of Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Twiggy.

To showcase the $150 watches as fashion accessories, these tiny stars recreated seminal photographs, like Moss and Delevingne's 2014 My Burberry perfume campaign.

Julien De Preaumont, the brand's chief marketing officer, explained to The Telegraph the ad concept was the perfect union of thriftiness and forward-thinking.

He said,

The Activité Pop is the next generation of wearables, empowering people to track their health so we thought we'd have a bit of fun by recreating junior versions of iconic fashion shots.

While the brand exclusively plans to publish the images through social media, it's not clear how Burberry and famed photographer Mario Testino will feel about these copycat photos.

Remember this Burberry campaign with Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne?

Now, it stars Harley Chapman, 10, and Maya Koski-Wood, 12.

Koski-Wood learned a thing or two from Moss' trademark pout.

Edie Barfoot-Eva, 10, steps in for a turn as 1960s model Twiggy.

Give Chapman a few years and she'll give face better than Delevingne.

These little girls might be the next top models.

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