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The Real Reason Michelle Obama Uses Vine And Twitter

In 2014, first lady Michelle Obama ruled the Internet with a viral Vine of her holding a turnip.

She replaced the lyrics of “Turn Down For What” with “turnip for what,” bringing attention to the Let’s Move! initiative that teaches kids about leading healthy lifestyles.

Obama didn’t upload her Vine on a whim. It was a very calculated move. In an exclusive interview and 360-degree interactive video with the Verge, the first lady says social media was a way for the American people to get to know her directly.

"They can see that I’m kind of silly sometimes, that I care. They can feel the passion, [and] they don’t have to have it filtered through another source. And young people in particular like that,” she says in the story.

Obama also says social media is a way for young people to "grow with the White House, or the White House to grow with the country.” Her ease with social media has been a huge part of why young people feel so excited about her initiatives.

Obama’s charisma and charm in front of the camera is palpable. She credits her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, with her social media savviness.

“I’ve got two Gen Zers living under my roof,” Obama tells The Verge. “They don’t think we’re cool at all. But I know what they’re watching on Vine, and I know what they’re giggling about.”

It’s safe to say Michelle Obama has officially won the Mom of the Year award.

Check out her 360 video here: