Mercury Madness: Why Mercury In Retrograde Is Making You Feel A Little Off

by Kayla Inglima

If you have been feeling like everything is really weird the past few days, there may be a reason for this. If you in any way believe in astrology, you can attribute the "off" feelings and general weirdness as of late to the planet Mercury being in retrograde.

Mercury is in retrograde three times a year, and the last one of 2013 is taking place October 21st to November 10th.

Mercury is a planet that controls transportation and communication issues. Therefore, when it is in retrograde, or moving backward from its true motion, we start to feel bizarre effects in these realms of life. Gemini and Virgo, whose signs are ruled by this planet, will feel the effects stronger than other signs. If you work in the communication industry (writing, PR, TV, etc.), or transportation industries, you will also feel stronger effects.

Common mishaps during this period include losing things, missing appointments or flights, and having electronics or other equipment malfunction.

Miscommunications in relationships run rampant during Mercury's retrograde, so it's advised to watch your words and to not take any communication issues too seriously or personally during this period.

Mercury in retrograde isn't all bad news. It's a great time to revisit old things. You might bump into old friends or start back at a project that you'd previously given up on.

Astrologers advise not to start on any new ventures at this time, but you're in the clear when revisiting old ones. Mercury in retrograde is an ideal time to rest, revisit and renew. Some suggested activities include anything related to rejuvenation, so, on a bright note, now's a great time to clean out your closets!

If you are falling victim to the eerie effects of this astrological occurrence, don't worry too much. It's almost over, and as November 10th nears, things will get better. Until then, hold onto your sh*t and your sanity.

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