What Men Really Want: 8 Qualities Women Have That Men Can't Resist

by Elite Daily Staff

Men have pretty simple needs when it comes to relationships, as do women. What they look for in a partner are qualities that every woman naturally possesses or is actively developing. While some people are better fits for each other than others, each person has something special to offer.

Although she might have varying degrees of each of the following characteristics, if she fulfills the description at bare minimum, she’ll be irresistible to the men in her life. Men know what they want and they’re more than able to find it in the girl of their dreams.

Here are the 8 qualities that every girl has and that men are really looking for in their relationships.

1. Cares unconditionally

It doesn’t matter if you’re the ultimate feminist or super independent -- there’s something inherently rewarding when you truly care for someone else.

Putting someone else’s well-being above your own doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your wants or needs, it means that there is someone in your life who you’re excited about, who you genuinely believe is the most special and deserving of your love.

If you really care for your partner, you’ll feel satisfaction from his happiness as well. Women are naturally compassionate, and when a man sees just how far your kindness goes, he’ll appreciate the extent of your selflessness.

2. Understanding without placing expectations

Most men aren’t great at sharing their inner feelings, but women are really good at picking up on them regardless. Especially when he makes himself most vulnerable, she’s there to support him and accept him no matter what.

Understanding him without placing expectations means that she can appreciate a guys’ night, doesn’t put demands on him to get a more high-paying job and knows that the way he unwinds is by watching hours of sports. She gets him, she’s grateful for this person he is and she finds fulfillment in knowing every inch of him.

3. Letting him be the gentleman, but stepping up when it’s her turn

Girls like it when the guy plays into the gentlemanly role, but they won’t hold back from assuming less-traditional gender responsibilities as well. She wants him to be the man, protect her and possess physical strength -- and it’s important for him to fill this need too.

She also knows, though, when it’s her time to pitch in, like carrying her own bags through the airport or planning a romantic evening. We’re able to take a backseat when he wants to show-off his manliness, but we’re also ready and willing to relieve him of his duties at any moment.

4. Having her own opinions on things

Nothing is more attractive than a girl who knows her stance on a topic and is able to eloquently articulate it. If she can teach him something new, life together will be a lot more interesting.

A real man appreciates a woman who has her own mind and is confident in her beliefs. It can be as simple as knowing useless facts about the cytoskeletons of bugs or as complicated as debating stricter gun-control, either way, she has something to say and it won’t be boring. The most beautiful part of a woman is what’s inside her head and how she uses it.

5. Putting on the moves

A woman who knows how to pleasure a man (and vice versa) is key in any healthy relationship. We’re not suggesting that his satisfaction is more important than hers -- they are equal -- but she can get turned on by turning him on, all on her own.

Remember that line about finding fulfillment from his happiness? That holds true in the bedroom as well. Trust us, if you let him in on what you’re capable of, he’ll always be wanting seconds.

6. Making him feel like The One

At the end of the day, we all want to feel like we’re extra special to the someone whom we regard as extra special. He likes that you can get the attention of other men, but that you don’t need it for personal validation.

You like being the only girl in the world for him, and he is even more grateful for that in return. Loving someone who loves you back is the ultimate compliment. It can’t be bought, it can’t be replicated and it lasts forever.

7. Looking nice

Girls enjoy dressing up for the men in our lives to take notice. Whether this means wearing our intimate undergarments or just taking the extra time to put in our contacts, we’ll take care of ourselves because we like feeling our best selves around him.

Men can’t resist a girl who is put together and looking good, even if that’s an easy t-shirt and loose pants.

8. Intriguing without being unavailable

Men like that we women are complex without being impossible to figure out. They enjoy taking the time getting to know you by peeling back all your layers, but they’re frustrated if you’re too overcomplicated.

Women who possess a natural mystery are endearing to curious men. Your shining personality teaches him how to sparkle on his own -- and the ability to build another person up is one of your most invaluable gifts.

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