Scandalous Men Of Instagram Show Some Skin With Bare #Mankles

Fashion is a funny thing. Remember when it was once scandalous to see a glimpse of a lady's ankle?

In the many centuries since then, women have taken to wearing bandage dresses and platform heels. They bare everything from nipples (#freethenipple) to booty so big it practically breaks the internet.

Although women's style for every season changes dramatically, it often seems as if men don't get their due. While fabrics and cuts rotate in and out, men are more limited with their silhouettes.

Which brings us to a trend we've seen on the streets as well as many Instagram posts: the so-called #mankle (that's man plus ankle). With cuffed trousers and a wicked sense of style, these gentlemen bear their delicate ankle bones for the whole world to see.

You've probably seen the mankle on its way to work in the morning.

It's a highly versatile look.

Some guys love an academic-looking mankle matched with earth tones.

Others stand by a more laidback version.

We've even seen happily-ever-after mankles.

The mankle is a little bit dad-chic.

Dare we say, it's incredibly comfy looking.

Even the pets are jealous.


For a few, the mankle trend is a chance to show off a pair of gorgeously crafted kicks.

They also spotlight a statement outfit.

The humble mankle can go to work with ease.

It's true, even if you work in an easygoing start-up office.

Relaxing at home with a sharp cuff is perfectly acceptable.

But so, too, is taking your mankles on an adventure.

Set your ankles free, men of Instagram.