Instagram's Latest Trend Is #BowTieFriday, And It's An Instant Classic

Consider the bow tie; or rather, reconsider it.

The fancy dress alternative to the more traditional neck tie isn't just the domain of southern fraternity pledges and Doctor Who fanatics anymore. Many men are choosing to wear the stylish neck-cessory as a way to stand apart from their suited fellows, using an endless variety of patterns and tie sizes to create an individualist take on gentlemen style.

In all honesty, the bow tie is more practical than its longer fellow, the neck tie. It comes in clip-on form (no judgement here) and makes for more space when packing. And, of course, there's just something inexplicably charming about the way its angled sides frame the manly jawline.

We confess: We love bow ties. And, lucky for us, Instagram seems to agree. An 11,000-strong group of users have taken to calling the last workday of the week #BowTieFriday, showing off their personalities in selfies that make our cold hearts feel just a little warmer.

A bow tie says a lot about a man: that he appreciates classic style, probably has a wry sense of humor and will sit through Cary Grant movies without falling asleep or making comically loud snoring noises -- probably.

Who can resist a man with a bow tie and a great smile?

Especially if he's got style to boot.

They're so much more interesting than a neck tie.

Bow ties are an obscure kind of cool.

And, unlike neck ties, there's less formality in how you style them.

We love a ginger in a bow tie.

But, an edgy flow works just as well.

Feeling casual? A bow tie can work with that.

Bonus points if you have a cuddly partner in crime.

Pets are also welcomed.

If you don't have a dog, a fashionable parasol will do.

Sunglasses modernize the look.

Some men even accessorize with props.

Got a gang of dudes who also dress up?

The more, the merrier.

Bow ties travel best in packs.

Some photos don't even require a full face, honestly. Salt-and-pepper scruff says it all.

Go on, men. Get a little fancy.