Men Discuss Very Normal Things Women Do That Somehow Amaze Them

Ever put your hair in a messy bun? Or in one of those twisty towel things after a shower? I'm going to go ahead and guess you probably have.

Now that all may seem totally NBD to you, but you heard it here first, ladies: Men are BAFFLED by the things you so seamlessly do.

In a recent Reddit thread, men shared all of the things women do that totally amaze them. They're really complex, difficult things like rocket science and astrophysics flipping your hair and making cute faces.

Read along and read about the simple, boring things women do that are actually pretty freaking AMAZING, as far as men are concerned.

Folding fitted sheets.

Braving a leg wax.

Managing to pour liquids from pots into containers.

Driving men crazy.

Taking their shirts off in seemingly IMPOSSIBLE ways.

Following along with "complicated" stories.

Having multiple orgasms.

Comfortably fitting wieners inside of them.

Walking around in skimpy clothes, even when it's cold outside.

When they do that yoga.

Finding things quickly.

Putting their hair up in messy buns.

Completely changing their look just by touching their hair.

Taking their bras off without taking anything else off.

That post-shower towel thing.

That's right, ladies, time to start wearing those messy buns with your head held high because you are AMAZING.

But also, lol. These things are so freaking simple.