Men Beat Woman To Death After She Refused To Give Them Her Phone Number

After refusing to give her phone number to a group of men in a McDonald's, a woman in Shangdong, China, was beaten to death.

The video footage is too graphic for the public eye, but it shows a man hitting this woman -- who has only been referred to as Miss Wu -- over the head with an iron bar.

Onlookers are seen doing nothing while Miss Wu screams and writhes in agony, eventually falling to her death and soaking in a pool of her own blood.

The general consensus is that the woman was assaulted because she refused the advances of Mr. Zhang, one of the group members, but Metro reports that the group also became enraged because Miss Wu didn't want to join their religious cult, "All-powerful spirit" or "Almighty God" ("Quannengshen" in Chinese).

According to Daily Mail, Quannengshen was banned by the Chinese government in 1995 as an "evil cult." The group promoted distorted readings of the Christian Bible, once claiming that the apocalypse was coming in 2012.

Six members of Quannengshen have been arrested over Miss Wu's death.

via Metro