Men Are Not A Financial Plan

by Anonymous

Gucci this, Prada that- meanwhile you can't pay your rent. But sure, you think its okay, because that man you found on will take care of you, right? WRONG. Ladies, it high time you get your shit together and start preparing for your future- one that includes a 6 or even 7 figure bank account without a ring and a set of old balls. All good things come to an end, especially when it's attached to someone else.

Your 20's have you on top of the world and you feel invincible to every facet of life. That is, until you reach the big 3-0 and you're not only single, but broke. Those older men who took care of you and bought you things have moved on to a younger, hotter version of you. And no decent man wants a woman who doesn't have their shit together. Trust me, you don't want to be that girl who's auctioning off her LV's and Jimmy Choos just to pay the bills.

I know you think this time should be for partying and making all the mistakes you could possibly regret. But the truth is, life is all about balance. In no way am I telling you to stop partying- live it the f*ck up! But you must prioritize and utilize what you got while you're still young.

This is the time that you should be building your empire. Whatever it is you love, take that and turn it into a career or business. Because in all honesty, that's the only way your going to make REAL money without having to bang and suck your way to the top. I don’t care if it’s knitting, cooking, surfing, or being a roller derby girl, whatever it is you LOVE, find a way to start a business out of it.

Stop being a slave to the cube, drop kick corporate politics and bitch slap that 9-5. There's no reason for you to be handcuffed to mediocre and trapped in ‘okay.’ You're young and should be doing what you love. And unless you're at executive status, or stand to inherit a big chunk of cash, there's no better way to make money than by living out your passion.

It’s time to act like a BOSS. A confident and sexy woman who is happy, fulfilled, making shit happen and getting paid real cheddar to do so. Sure, being a hot bartender might make you quick cash, but again, that won't last. So if you're itching to be an inspiring leader, the envy of all your friends and dream longingly about unlimited income potential- then you better get that ass to work. Wake up, design a business model where you can earn more, live more, and smile more. Whip up a bitchin’ action plan so that you know EXACTLY what to do to succeed. And fast. Life is waiting...

Jenn Scalia | Elite.

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Photo Courtesy: Tumblr