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Megan Fox Is About To Revamp A Lingerie Line For The 'Everyday' Woman

When Megan Fox decides to sell sex, she really sells it.

My first memory of the star was sometime around the release of “Jennifer's Body,” the Diablo Cody-penned (perfect) horror flick that sold Fox as a demon-meets-high-school-tease.

Since then, however, Fox has taken a step back from the spotlight and her bombshell image. So the star's latest business move, becoming the global ambassador of lingerie brand Frederick's of Hollywood, is something of a surprise twist.

Frederick's of Hollywood, founded all the way back in 1947, bases underwear largely on the hope that women want to feel like Marilyn Monroe in the bedroom. No lace, ruffle or buckle is too much.

However, that's a strategy that's backfired a little bit. When compared to contemporary brands like Aerie, which emphasize a more natural-seeming look, Frederick's starts to look a bit like something horrifying and dated you'd find in the back of an elderly aunt's closet.

Fox's job, as part of the brand, is to bring Frederick's into the year 2016.

In other words, fewer girdles, more bralettes.

In an Instagram post, Fox credited the ghost of Monroe with her business move, explaining,

Following instructions from my spirit guide @marilynmonroe and getting ready to make my debut as the global ambassador and collaborator for @Fredericks_Hollywood!

The collection won't be out until 2017, but that won't stop Frederick's from dropping hints about what Fox-inspired lingerie will look like.

The New York Post claims it'll be "fuller coverage" and "sexy comfort," specifically aimed at working mothers who still want to feel good when their long days are done.

Keep your eyes peeled for a Frederick's that's seriously upping its game. Hiring one of the sexiest women in the world to be the face of your lingerie brand is no small move.

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