Marc Jacobs To Dress Unusual Client


Designers frequently dress particular celebrities for various different events. Whether it be the red carpet, a photo shoot, or dressing them for a personal event, designers could be considered some of the world’s best stylists.

Marc Jacobs, a particularly high in-demand designer, has just scored himself a new celebrity-dressing gig. However, it may not be the job you’re usually accustomed to. Marc Jacobs has signed on to dress one of Japan’s biggest pop stars, Hatsune Miku.

Here’s the catch: Hatsune Miku is a holograph. Miku is a 3D ‘Vocaloid’, which means that she has a computer-generated voice, and her image is projected using synthesizing technology to create a humanoid persona. Although Miku is not an actual, you know, human, she routinely sells out stadiums and has a loyal fan base.

Leave it up to Japan to be so technologically advanced that even their pop stars are computer generated. Miku’s most recent project is an on stage Opera called ‘The End’. This project differs from what she’s usually known to be performing. To complete her rebranding, Miku is ditching her usual signature schoolgirl ensemble and opting for a more ‘grown up’ look.

Enter: Marc Jacobs. Jacobs ‘dressed; the star in several Spring 2013 Louis Vuitton looks for the animated opera. Picture an animated character wearing the now-famous Louis Vuitton check dresses. A walking and talking fashion sketch if you will.

I have to admit, the concept is really cool. If I had to choose an ensemble for an animated character, it would definitely be that checkerboard pattern, which has a whole digital feel on it’s own.

What do you think of this unique collaboration?

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images