19 Struggles Every Girl Deals With When Makeup Is The Enemy

If you have ever walked out of your bathroom with freshly applied makeup, and your roommate screamed, you understand the struggle.

When your smoky eye makes you look like you got into a bar fight, maybe it's time to put down the brushes.

No matter how many times you line and re-line your lips, you always look like you’re about to say, “Why so serious?”

Makeup isn't for everyone, and you shouldn't feel the need to torture yourself with YouTube tutorials to figure it out. Embrace your natural beauty because struggling just isn’t worth it.

We all have different hurdles in life, and if you personally identify with this, yours starts at the vanity.

1. Eyelash Curlers

No matter how many people use it, eyelash curlers will always look like torture devices. What if I pinch my eyelids together?

Can eyelashes be snapped in half? What if I sneeze and rip out all my lashes?

2. Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are one of the most challenging things that have to do with hair. Why aren’t my eyelashes long enough? How do people line these things up?

I’m going to glue my eye shut. Oh my god, I really can’t open it! Kindergarten taught me nothing about glue.

3. Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes turn out to be more like raccoon eyes! Why would you even put black around your eyes? Isn’t this just asking to get into "another" fight?

4. Tutorials

Makeup tutorials always jump from step 1 to step 15. It's like they are out to get you! They are only quick and easy tutorials because they fast-forward through all the important stuff.

5. Foundation

There is always a struggle when you're finding the right foundation shade. I don’t want to look like Casper the ghost or like I have an awful fake tan.

Do I apply it to the back of my hand? Or my neck? Why can’t I just test it on my face?

6. Natural Look

People think you’re really confident with your natural look. No, I just can’t figure out how to make myself not look like a clown!

7. Noticeable Change

When you actually do wear makeup, people are shocked.

“Oh my gosh you look so different today.”

“You look so pretty today!”

Yes, people will immediately notice.

8. Sleep On It

Later that night, you’ll be too lazy to take it off. Your reward for wearing makeup will be pimples and smudged mascara the next morning!

9. Contouring

Contouring? I thought this was supposed to make my face look sculpted? Now I just look like I haven’t taken a shower, and there is dirt smeared on my face.

10. Natural Makeup

Does my BB cream not count as makeup? It’s tinted! That is basically foundation, and it kind of covers the bags under my eyes.

11. Effortless Looks

You always pray there will be that one miracle product that will change the makeup game. All there needs to be is one mascara or foundation that is effortless and easy enough for you to commit to.

12. Time Commitment

But then, you remember that even if you do like the product, you’ll still have to wake up 30 minutes earlier to put it on. No matter how easy the makeup is, it will never fix your face as much as beauty sleep.

13. It's a Process

Wait, what is the order of this again? Is it foundation, concealer and then powder? Or is it concealer, foundation and then powder? Maybe the powder goes first?

What the hell do I do with this face spray? I have to do something with coverup, too?

14. Martyr for the Cause

No, going bare-faced is not my take on feminism. I am not going against society’s perception of beauty. I just wasn’t born with natural makeup talents.

15. Not a Good Look

“You’d be so much prettier with makeup!”

Thanks, how about you wake up every morning and come do it for me? No? Then shut up.

16. Red Lipstick

You could try to pull off a simple red lipstick, but you would have to listen to people quote "The Dark Knight" all day long.

17. Forget About It

You’ve gotten so used to never wearing makeup that when you do, you won’t remember it’s on. Instead, you will touch your face all day and only notice it's smudged when you go to the bathroom.

“How long have people been seeing me like this?”

18. No Fly Zone

Wearing lipstick is a truly stressful event. What if I find a hot guy to make out with?

What if I have to eat something? What if I accidentally eat some of the lipstick?

19. Leave It to the Professionals

Once you have your makeup professionally done, you will see your true potential with makeup. And you know you’ll never be able to remake what they did.

“Maybe I will just take enough selfies in different outfits to last a year.”