Lily Allen Breaks Down Why The Media Pits Women Against Each Other

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Lilly Allen talks about her frustrations with how the media portrays women as in constant competition with one another.

Allen, who said that being a woman is "annoying" because it means that you're constantly at the center of these completely fabricated cat fights, has the perfect response to all those haters who claim there's not enough room for all the women at the top:

"I think in terms of humanity and evolution. It feels like the reason we play women against each other is because it's the last bit of power that men have. They're like, 'Let's make them feel sh*t about each other.'"

You hear that, guys who are totally guilty of pitting women against one another? We're onto you. And we won't let you dictate our personal and professional relationships with our fellow females.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photo Credit: Graham Denholm/Getty Images