Your Lazy And Gross Beauty Mistakes Are Now In Style Thanks To Runway Trends

It was only a matter of time before the fashion world caught on to the fact that normal, everyday women aren't emulating their tricky braid techniques and other complicated runway looks.

Now, we're finally catching a beauty break. "Keeping it real" was the trend du jour of this year's fashion weeks so far, meaning you no longer have to stress about your mid-day makeup blunders, unkept hair and non-professional styling.

All of those mistakes are now totally acceptable, as deemed by the fashion gods (good luck getting your boyfriend on board, though!).

Don't worry about not showering today because leftover makeup and greasy hair are actually a thing now (which is great considering we weren't planning on it, anyway).

Here are the good, the bad and the downright gross beauty mistakes that have now become cool runway trends:

Sweaty face

via NYMag

Perspiration served as inspiration for all the dewey-faced looks at Prabal Gurung and Alexander Wang. If you're rolling your eyes, we get it.

You've been sweating since February's last snow storm and now it's finally cool to look hot? Look on the bright side, when you're shvitzing in the club and no one wants to talk to you, you can be like, "I'm just way too advanced for these plebeians."

Mascara blobs

via Rochas Paris Fashion Week

Mascara that looks like you were crying all day makes you look like a doll -- not a basket case. Congratulations, you've unintentionally mastered the art of eyelashes.

Greasy, wet-looking hair

via Proenza Schouler

Don't feel like washing your hair today? Don't sweat it -- or do! -- because your oily strands are just a deliberate mimicry of spring 2015's unwashed look. Riiiiiight.

Next-day beauty

via Anthony Vaccarello

We've been sporting this trend since hangovers were a weekly staple in our lives. Maybe it's because, yes, we are that lazy; but we're firm believers that smudgy eyeliner and heavily-pigmented eye shadows always look better on the second day.

Big, bushy 'brows

Giorgio Armani Spring 2015

Thick brows are all the rage these days, so you can put down the tweezer and stop taking it out on your eyebrows. And if hot wax, threading and hair-pulling wasn't really your thing to begin with -- mazel tov! -- you're already ahead of the trend.


Marc Jacobs Spring 2015

Racing out of your house because you're late to work? No time to put your face on? The no-makeup-for-real look is the new beauty standard, so everyone can lower their expectations now.

Skipping the finishing touches


A lot of us forgo bold lipstick colors in favor of basic lip balms. It's practical and it's non-kiss-repelling. Spring 2015 agrees. Natural, non-painted lips were the feature that still managed to stand out on the runways. Your boyfriend can thank NARS later.

Smudged eyeshadow

Giles London Fashion Week Spring 2015

Say it with us: You don't look like a mess; you look tough. Smoky eye just got all next-level punk -- so go on, feel free to rub your eyes out.