Ain't No Potato: The Lazy Girl's Guide To Working Out On The Couch

by Niki McGloster

We've established this: I'm not your average gym girl.

As a neurotic control freak, I'm awfully particular about where and when my sculpting cardio goes down. But after a long day at work, when all I want to do is binge watch "Total Divas" and "Real Housewives of Orange County," It's nice to know I can squeeze in a little exercise into my guilty pleasure channel surfing.

Sure, one of your exercise-crazed friends will probably abhor your God-given laziness, but there's muscle-friendly magic in those silvers of time where lethargicness meets minimal fitness.

Here's a guide to working up a slight sweat on the couch.

Legs: Half-Ass Calf Raises

Lounging means kicking your feet up and giving your legs a rest. But if you feel so inclined to show your gams some love, lock into your calves. I mean, who doesn't want beautifully sculpted stems?

Simply sit on the edge of your couch and place both feet flat on the ground. Keeping your toes planted, lift your heels until you feel your calves tighten.

After you start to feel the burn, do 4 sets of 10 calf raises.

Arms: Military Push-Ups (Sorta)

Don't give up on toning your gun show just yet.

Banging out Army-approved push-ups on your love seat may be difficult, depending on width. So if you don't have room, default to the floor. If you're #blessed to have a lavish chaise lounge however, make sure you use proper form.

Keep your elbows in and your back straight -- and no, you don't lose points for getting on your knees.

Three sets of 12 reps should make you feel good enough to go back to sleep in peace.

Core: Leg Pull-In Crunches

These intense strengthening ab toners are not for the faint of heart nor easy to pull off when you want to snack on Saturday cartoons. It's an actual exercise that can muster up a sweat if done properly.

Place your back straight against the couch and stretch your legs straight in front of you, keeping them together.

When you're ready, pull your knees in to meet your chest then extend. If your core is more Mighty Mouse than Thor, grip the back of the couch for stability.

Do 10-15 reps after you begin to feel the burn.

Butt: Commercial-Break Squats

If you're not hip to Netflix, you're probably catching a ton of tampon commercials or reality TV show ads. Lucky for your health, none are outstanding enough to have your undivided attention.

While you wait for TV to return to regularly scheduled programming, take time to tone your backside and legs.

Stand directly in front of your couch, facing away, legs shoulder length apart. Keep your back straight, chest up and hips back as you bend your knees into a seated position.

Touch your tush to the couch and pop back up. Feel free to hold your arms out for balance, or reach down and tap your ankles.

Do 15 then rest for 30 seconds, repeat.

Core: Countless Crunches

Boob tube aside, the couch is a hotbed for procrastination. Instead of wallowing in postponement, spend an hour focusing on your core and possibly regaining energy to face real life.

Put your back on the floor and rest your legs on the seat of the couch -- Crossing them is totally optional.

Focus on the a spot on the ceiling and lean up into your crunch. But remember, don't start counting your reps until that tightening burn in your tummy surfaces.

Bonus: If you dedicate a full hour to this exercise, your fupa could be a thing of the past.

Do 5 sets of 20 crunches. Warning: You'll actually sweat.