5 Female Entrepreneurs Who Changed The Business Game In 2015

by Anonymous

The year 2015 was a revolutionary one for female entrepreneurs.

Approximately 10 and a half million American women run their own businesses, according to Forbes.

And that statistic will only continue to grow.

By 2018, an expected 9.72 million new small business jobs will be created by women.

These businesses are not being created in stuffy offices, however.

Women are starting these companies from their homes.

So, who are these women taking a stand for all of us double X-chromosome carriers out there?

Let's meet a few.

1. Kayla Itsines, creator of Bikini Body Guide.

Kayla Itsines, 24, is revolutionizing the world of fitness for women across the globe.

A certified fitness trainer from Adelaide, Australia, Itsines has become nationally known for her Bikini Body Guide, which includes a 12-week exercise plan made up of 28-minute workouts.

As if the cult-like following on her Instagram account wasn't enough to show her success, she recently developed a Sweat With Kayla app for “Kayla's Army” to take their fitness routines to the next level.

By promoting clean eating, regular exercising and confident thinking, women of all ages are transforming their bodies and health to a level they've always dreamed of reaching.

2. Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co.

Who said the tech industry is only for men?

Brit Morin entered the tech world in 2006 as a marketing and PR rep for iTunes, before heading off to Google.

After taking time off to plan a wedding, Morin discovered her love for DIY projects and helping people connect creatively.

In 2011, Morin decided to start Brit + Co, a DIY online platform that provides tools to teach, inspire and enable creativity among women and girls.

3. Nanxi Liu, CEO and co-founder of Enplug.

Software management has become a heck of a lot easier thanks to Nanxi Liu.

Liu founded her first company, Nanoly Bioscience, which develops and sells polymers that allow vaccines to be stored without refrigeration, while wrapping up her senior year at UC Berkeley.

Then, she had the urge to try something entirely different.

In 2012, Nanxi founded Enplug, an easy-to-use software to manage and distribute content online.

This software licensing business allows real-time social media interaction between brands and users.

4. Caitlin Crosby, founder and CEO of the Giving Keys.

As an actress, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur, Caitlin Crosby truly shows how fashion can inspire others.

A businessman with fiery passion, Crosby grew up in Hollywood surrounded by others who struggled to make it in the entertainment industry without losing their identities.

In 2009, Crosby launched the campaign Love Your Flawz to support men and women dealing with body image issues.

She also started the Giving Keys, a jewelry line that employs individuals transitioning out of homelessness to make accessories from repurposed keys.

Each key is engraved with messages like "Fearless," "Hope," "Breathe," "Courage" and "Let Go."

When the wearer of the key encounters someone else who needs the message more than they do, the key is passed on.

Crosby is truly defining the act of “paying it forward.”

5. Erica Nicole, founder and CEO, YFS magazine.

2015 was one hell of a year for women in media – and entrepreneurs like Erica Nicole keep making it hotter.

A columnist and philanthropist, Nicole made her mark off being young, fabulous and self-employed.

A young business expert, Nicole is offering up behind-the-scenes tips on how to start the life you've imagined.

The goal of YFS magazine is to match up entrepreneurs' passions and skill sets, with opportunities.

The magazine helps readers learn the basics of strategic planning, encouraging young women to take a stand in the business world.

As the year comes to a close, we're seeing more and more bold and brilliant female entrepreneurs make a name for themselves and impact society for the better.

Women's voices are becoming louder and louder as the power of feminism continues to grow.

So, ask yourself: Are you ready to change the world?