4 Ways To Get To Know Your Body And Feel Better About Being Naked

by Simona Tee

I've always wondered about the difference between being naked and being nude. I've always thought they were simply two words, meaning the same thing: having your bare butt out in the open. However, as usual, I was wrong.

To be nude refers to the absence of clothing. To be naked, on the other hand, is a much broader term. Although it can refer to being absent of clothing, naked goes deeper with an idea of vulnerability and the notion of being unprotected in some way.

At some point, we have all looked in the mirror and not liked what we saw. There is no joy left in our reflections, and we live in a constant fear of having someone else seeing us unclothed and utterly bare. Lucky for us, there are so many ways to accept our bodies, and here are some great ways to start:

1. Accessorize.

Lingerie has always been there as an accessory to the female body to allow her to feel beautiful. We accessorize in all ways as a way to hide what we don't want seen and to emphasize what we do.

We all carry that one beautiful set that no matter how naked we are inside, we feel just a little more secure and beautiful in. With the perfect pair of panties and the right size bra, we can make our curves and even our unwanted areas seem beautiful and in place.

The point of lingerie is to help us overcome those insecurities and to embrace everything we are. Not everyone is capable of changing his or her body, so we just have to learn to be proud and highlight everything it is we want seen.

2. A little at a time gets you there.

It is hard to believe that people can become comfortable with themselves in seconds. A great way to start is to just look at yourself in the mirror a little bit each day. Get down to your favorite panties, and look at yourself in the mirror for a few seconds a day until you are comfortable staring at yourself with pride and not ridicule.

Make it a habit to each morning look at yourself and compliment one thing you like about yourself. Start with complimenting how great your boobs look in that new bra, or how your underwear accentuate your beautiful curves.

With time, it won't seem so difficult to do so, and you'll never want to stop. After a few weeks, you'll forget about how uncomfortable you once were and might possibly never want to get dressed again.

3. Remember what's genuinely sexy.

Being down to your panties is not always about sex and having someone else see you in a sexual way. Sometimes, it really is just about you looking at yourself and being happy with what you see.

The sexiest thing about a woman is her confidence. When you can be relaxed with who you are and what you look like, nobody will be able to keep his or her hands off you.

4. Spend more time naked.

The best way to overcome the uncomfortable feeling you get when you take off your clothing is to be stuck there alone with your bare skin. The more time you spend without all those layers on, you'll become more comfortable with who you are and what you look like.

Spend an hour a day doing your normal routine, just without a few extra pieces of material between you and your stuff. Read a book, write a blog, do the dishes and have a little fun.

You are your biggest critic, and trust me, nobody will ever be complaining if you start walking around without your clothes on. It doesn't matter how much time you spend working out or dieting. If you aren't able to love yourself for who you are, you will never find yourself happy.

Put on your favorite bra and your cutest panties, and enjoy what you have. If you can't, nobody will.