John Oliver Tackles What Internet Harassment Can Be Like For Women (Video)

Most women have, unfortunately, faced harassment at some point in their lives.

Recently, street harassment has been the topic du jour. But on Sunday's episode of "Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver narrowed his focus to a different kind of harassment: the kind that happens on the Internet.

The more than 16-minute-long video is one of Oliver's most serious (and powerful) segments.

Using scary accounts from several real women, the Brit reveals the ways women are abused online -- revenge porn, rape threats and even death threats.

What's worse is there are few laws that even protect these victims.

In typical Oliver fashion, he throws some much-needed humor into the very serious conversation.

While defining harassment, Oliver jokes,

I'm talking about the kind of direct threats that can make people fear for their safety... And if you're thinking, 'Well, come on, that doesn't seem like that big a problem,' well, congratulations on your white penis.

The clip is absolutely worth watching -- if not for the important lesson, then for the hilarious side comments Oliver injects throughout.

Take a look up top.

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