John Legend's Brilliant New Music Video Highlights The Natural Beauty Of All Women

Following the likes of Pharell, John Legend has come out with a very pro-female statement in his latest music video for the single "You & I (Nobody in the World)."

The days when rap artists featured videos with women shaking their asses in front of the camera may still be around, but at least we have something like this — a beautiful, moving tribute to the many diverse women of the world — to reinstate our faith in musicians.

In the video, Legend features a number of women, including his wife Chrissy Teigen, and other non-celebrities. The camera works as a one-way mirror for its female subjects, catching them in moments of everyday normalcy and triumph, of vulnerability and strength.

But perhaps the most moving cameo comes from "Orange is the New Black" star and transgender actress, Laverne Cox.

To see Cox silently wiping off all her makeup and knowing there's still a beautiful woman underneath is definitely worth the watch. Similarly striking is the cancer survivor who removes her bra to reveal mastectomy scars.

Through the song lyrics and the video itself, this production highlights women's natural and innate beauty, showing how, at every age and with every ethnicity, shape and size, women are all special and marvelous in their own way.

Consider this a Friday must-watch, but be warned: The music video might make you tear up a bit.