For Some Odd Reason, JNCO Jeans Are Actually Making A Comeback

By Gigi Engle

JNCO jeans, the wide-legged, atrocious staple of men's fashion from the 90s, are making a comeback. We must ask the obvious question: Dear God, why?!

JNCO jeans were quite the phenomenon of the 1990s, possibly outdoing Furbys on an unattractiveness scale.

We're eerily reminded of the scene in "Clueless" where Cher describes the vile dress code of her male counterparts in high school.

As she rightly said, "As if!"

We've seen a lot of 90s nostalgia on the runways of NYFW this season.

Some of the trends we can surely get behind (flannel coats, plaid and leather jackets), while other cringe-worthy blasts from the past -- bandanas and JNCO jeans -- we're not so inclined to support.

Maybe because we're still scarred by the horrendous TBTs of yore.

JNCO announced its intention to revive its old image at a trade show in Las Vegas this week. The Los Angeles-based brand has a shiny new website to complement its return in 2015.

We wish we were joking.

The new launch will also include knitted jeans and joggers, picking up some of today's more modern trends as well as sticking to its original form. The legs will have openings ranging from 20-23 inches.

So, yes, still disturbingly baggy. Seriously, what are you hiding under there?

The brand is enacting on its mission to “challenge conventionalism. Explore the unfamiliar. Honor individuality.”

Sorry JNCO, we're both familiar with these jeans and also distinctly remember they weren't an expression of individuality, but rather a cry for some serious fashion help.

A little PSA to men: Please don't wear JNCO jeans just because they exist. Not every trend is meant to survive.

We'd hoped, along with scrunchies and scary children's toys, these pants would also expire in the new millennium.

Guess we were wrong.

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