Interested In Starting Your Own Line?

New York City is filled with a million girls (and guys) who come here with dreams of making it big. Particularly, in the fashion world. There’s no denying that when it comes to choosing the Mecca of fashion in the United States, New York is it.

Designers come here and attend schools, work day in and day out, and relentlessly try to get major investors to notice their designs. However, what many of these young aspiring designers don’t know, is that the geographical center of the fashion universe is way closer than you think.

There’s one thing that you can do that can almost absolutely ensure that you’re going to make it in the design world. Well, this one factor combined with talent, drive and guts.

It’s simple: work at Ralph Lauren. Surprised? Don’t be. Ralph Lauren’s corporation churns out more famous designers than any other company in the world. Designers who got their start at Ralph Lauren are as follows:

Todd Snyder

Thom Browne

Frank Muytjens

Robert Stock

Simon Spurr

Vera Wang

Joseph Abboud

Tory Burch

John Varvatos

Michael Bastian

Sid Mashburn

Inspired to send a resume to Ralph Lauren, now? You should be.

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images