These Heels Can Go From 1 To 3 Inches With The Push Of A Button (Photos)

Talk about taking your look from day to night: Tanya Heath's versatile shoe designs include interchangeable heels that can make a 1.5-inch heel turn into a full 3.5 inches in mere minutes.

Heath, a 41-year-old Canadian native but Paris resident, has no training in the fashion industry.

In fact, her background involves teaching innovation for engineering students.

The design itself took Heath's team three years because, as she explained to the Huffington Post, a high heel's structure is surprisingly difficult to replicate.

She said, "When you've got a shoe that is moving as much as ours does, it's a challenge to not only make it stay on your foot..."

"...but also to make it beautiful."

And beautiful is the perfect word to describe Heath's designs, which come in leopard prints, spikes and a range of colors.

There's an elegance to the shoes that goes beyond convenience and versatility.

You could chalk it up to the influence of stylish Paris, but these are shoes fit for a queen.

After moving to Paris and feeling guilty for wearing flats at the office, the gears in Heath's brain began whirring.

She needed shoes that were comfortable for walking but fancy enough to command even the most intimidating boardroom.

When asked about her dream customer for the shoes, Heath was ready with an answer.

If a woman needs interchangeable heeled shoes, there's more to her than what meets the eye. She's smart and well spoken.

Heath's top picks: Arianna Huffington or Tina Fey.

She added, "I'd definitely pick a smart, independent woman who is on top of her game."

If you're interested in a pair of the versatile heels, they're available on the Tanya Heath Paris website for around $400.

Extra heels, which can be changed by pushing a button on the shoe, will run you anywhere from $32 to around $76.

But, imagine the joy of evading heel-induced pain forever.