This Hilarious Instagram Recaps All Of The Wildest Outfits On 'Sex And The City'

In the year 2016, nearly two decades after it first aired, “Sex and The City” is still a hot commodity.

The HBO series featured groundbreaking conversations between women about men, money and, you know, men. To this day, every woman can rattle off their character equivalent of a Myers-Briggs type — are you Charlotte-meets-Carrie or Miranda with a splash of Samantha?

Embarrassingly, I only started watching the show about six months ago, after having the female equivalent of an angry mob chase me down about my inability to understand any kind of pop culture reference to Mr. Big. In media, that's like an entry-level requirement.

The first thing I noticed was how dated the “scandalous” episode topics were. The second was absolutely the outfits. What. The. Hell. I'm no Anna Wintour, but whatever world costume designer Patricia Field designed for was not the same one I live in.

Carrie, pick a pattern and stick to it. Also, chill out. You're basically an overgrown infant with a Chanel bag and credit card debt.

I'm not the only one to have noticed the weird sartorial moments and odd behavior, either.

In a bout of nostalgia for the show, two Parsons graduates started an Instagram account (@everyoutfitonsatc) to document and comment on every outfit the “Sex and the City” leads ever wore. In less than a month, Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni have racked up more than 150,000 followers.

Once you read their commentary, you'll start to understand why.

Remember when Carrie randomly wore a belt around her midriff?

How about Charlotte's endless variations on the chaste sweater?

Two words: Stanford. Blatch.

There was also the time Samantha donned this expensive swim cap.

But Miranda wouldn't be outdone.


This is an intervention.

What are you doing, girlfriend?

And who is this man in the mesh polo?

Why is Charlotte draped in leather?

And, most importantly, who has a doctor's gown with puffy sleeves?

Cool matching set, Samantha.

More important than the commentary on the actual clothes is the way this account calls out Carrie for her genuinely terrible behavior.

Carrie, stop.

These women may have taken New York by storm, but it's entirely possible they just blinded everyone.

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