After Two Strangers Made Fun Of Her Shorts, This Girl Set An Amazing Example


I'm sure you've experienced a situation where you've actually heard someone, a total stranger, make comments about your appearance.

It sucks, and even though these random comments should be fairly easy to brush off, they can still wiggle their way into the back of your mind and make you self-conscious.

Or, they can inspire you to speak out on social media, just like Harriet Rae, a 23-year-old from the UK did.

According to her Facebook post, which got shared 55 million times, Harriet was running errands at a drug store when she overheard two girls working there make a comment about her shorts. To their surprise, Harriet acknowledged their comments by flashing back a "massive cheesy smile" and carrying on with her life.

In her post, Harriet writes directly to the girls saying,

Damn straight. Harriet even goes on to send love back their way, complimenting their makeup and hair in the post. Her actions are so powerful. Instead of treating these girls the way she was treated, Harriet is being the bigger person and setting a positive example.

After this post went viral, the drugstore actually contacted Harriet too. She updated her post and wrote,

This is such an awesome example of how positive messages on social media can totally affect real life situations. You can see Harriet's full post below.

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