Lifestyle — The Crazy Thoughts Every Girl Has When Posting An Instagram (Video)

Instagram seems to be the front runner of all current social media applications so it's no wonder people (cough, females) become so anxiety ridden when they go to post a photo.

You may think you simply take a photo and upload it to Instagram but what's going on in your mind during this process is far from simple.

Is it totally obvious you used three outside apps before even getting to Instagram? What filter do you use? Do you look fake tan? Will it get over 50 likes? The struggle is real, and this video proves it.

For every photo that's been uploaded to Instagram, there are at least 12 photos that just didn't make the cut.

At the end of it, there's always one participant who's less thrilled than the other -- but by that point it's about the girl uploading the photo, so wait your turn.

Check out the video above to make you feel better about your like-to-minute ratio anxiety. And just remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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